Little Boy with Family smiling at camera

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Families are the heart of our national Federation and the movement for inclusion. Our vision and resolve is rooted in the experience and aspirations of families who have fought tirelessly for equal rights, full citizenship and inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities. Inclusion is natural and rooted in the love that family members have for one another. Families who have high expectations for inclusion, developmental potential, social and economic participation, and future independence of their family member are best positioned to make those outcomes happen.

The Family Lens has been developed to ensure that a family perspective is integral to the goals and activities of the work done by those involved in the Inclusion Canada Federation and others in the movement for inclusion. The Family Lens is a tool to guide the strategies and goals of our national Federation. Policies and practices will support families by encouraging all family members to live, grow and thrive within the family environment and be connected to the greater community. Given families’ foundational role in our federation and that most major advances for inclusion have been driven by families, it is imperative that family participation and the family perspective remain at the heart of our federation.