April 8-13 is National Volunteer Week, and Inclusion Canada is excited to recognize the dedication of all the volunteers who make our work possible. Inclusion Canada’s Board of Directors is composed of 24 members; these individuals are self-advocates, family members, and professionals from every province and territory in Canada who dedicate their time to advancing the strategic priorities of our organization.

As a family-based organization in the inclusion movement, Inclusion Canada believes it is crucial to ensure that self-advocates play an important role in guiding its work. Marcella Baldwin, Roy Skoreyko, and Yvonne Spicer are self-advocates who play a significant role in guiding Inclusion Canada’s direction and vision in advancing inclusion in Canada.

Marcella Baldwin, Director-at-Large

Marcella is a committed full-time volunteer and self-advocate on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities. She has been an active member of Kinsight, previously known as the Simon Fraser Society for Community Living, since 1991, and has held many roles and responsibilities in her work there.

She has been a member of the Inclusion Canada Board of Directors since 2011 and has often been called upon to meet with government officials and high school students to educate and advocate for people with disabilities.

Roy Skoreyko, Director-at-Large

Roy is a long-time advocate on behalf of people with disabilities. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal. His life experiences, including growing up in an institutionalized setting, inform his advocacy work with children and adults to ensure that deinstitutionalization continues to be a priority for the intellectual disability community.

He believes strongly that the voice of self-advocates must be heard and feels he has a responsibility to ensure that all people are valued and appreciated.

Yvonne Spicer, Director-at-Large

Yvonne Is a member of Community Living North Halton and brings a strong passion for advocacy and education to Inclusion Canada. As a self-advocate and graduate of Conestoga College’s Community Integration through Cooperative Education program, she has worked with the Halton District School Board and Ministry of Community Services and Social Services to bring awareness to the needs and issues facing people with disabilities in their daily lives.

She has participated in many roles on the Council for Community Living Ontario and Milton Accessibility Advisory Committee as a champion of inclusion and accessibility.

Inclusion Canada is fortunate to have volunteer board members from around the country. For more details, click here