Tuesday, September 20, 2022

OTTAWA, ON – On September 20 Members of Parliament return to the House of Commons to begin debate on the Second Reading of Bill C-22, An Act to reduce poverty and to support the financial security of persons with disabilities by establishing the Canada disability benefit.

This historic legislation aims to reduce poverty among working-age Canadians with disabilities by providing a nation-wide monthly disability benefit payment. While many Canadians are currently experiencing the struggles of a budget stretched too thin, people with disabilities are unfortunately familiar with this reality, with the current inflation and financial insecurity only making their situation worse. In Canada, more than 70 percent of adults with an intellectual disability live in poverty. The income support they currently receive is already inadequate and that financial support is being stretched further and further in the current environment. With inflation at its highest level in decades, many disability support amounts haven’t risen with inflation and are lagging further and further behind.

“We want parliamentarians to continue to prioritize this Bill as their first order of business,” says Executive Vice President of Inclusion Canada, Krista Carr, “People with intellectual disabilities and their families have been living in poverty for far too long. A monthly Canada Disability Benefit is more important now than ever. We urge all parliamentarians to work in collaboration for all-party support to pass this Bill.”

Inclusion Canada urges the public to phone or email their MPs to show their support for the bill and fast-track its passage. 

“Now is the time to act,” says Inclusion Canada Board President, Robin Acton, “Contact your Member of Parliament today. We cannot let this moment pass. This bill could have an unprecedented positive financial impact for the disability community. People are being forced to choose between eating and paying for a roof over their head. We need action now. ” 

Inclusion Canada and it’s Federation will continue to work with people with a disability, their families, friends and allies as well as our disability partners across the country to advocate for the passage of Bill C-22 and the creation of the Canada Disability Benefit. 


For more information, please contact:

Marc Muschler, Inclusion Canada, 
416-661-9611 ext. 232

About Inclusion Canada

Inclusion Canada is a national federation of 13 provincial-territorial associations and over 300 local associations working to advance the full inclusion and human rights of people with an intellectual disability and their families. We lead the way in building an inclusive Canada by strengthening families, defending rights, and transforming communities into places where everyone belongs.