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Overlooked again: Residential visiting policies & people with developmental disabilities

There has been lots of discussion over the past few months about the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations. Seniors living in congregate settings like long-term care homes have received particular attention. When the pandemic began many of these residential settings introduced strict lockdowns, restricting families from visiting their loved ones in an effort to … Continued

The Family Lens

Click here to download The Family Lens Families are the heart of our national Federation and the movement for inclusion. Our vision and resolve is rooted in the experience and aspirations of families who have fought tirelessly for equal rights, full citizenship and inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities. Inclusion is natural and rooted in … Continued

Families are at the heart of CACL and its movement. They are the cornerstone of inclusive community life and have fought tirelessly for the equality rights, full citizenship and inclusion of people with an intellectual disability.

Our vision is for families to be able to access the supports and opportunities they need to assure inclusion for family members with an intellectual disability through their lifetimes and to secure family social and economic well-being.

The Family Lens
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