Community-led Initiatives for SUPPORTING THE RIGHT TO DECIDE: A Framework for Design and Implementation

The ‘framework for design and implementation tool’ as developed by IRIS (Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society) is part of a series of resources. This series was developed with the goal of helping create communities where all people can be supported to exercise their right to decide. It outlines the ‘core functions’ that are associated with supporting people in decision making and provides the framework for implementing these core functions.

Community-led Initiatives for SUPPORT THE RIGHT TO DECIDE: A Readiness Assessment Tool

The ‘readiness assessment tool’ is another tool developed by IRIS that is part of this series of resources.  This tool outlines the ‘core functions’ that are associated with supporting people in decision making, and is designed to assist community organizations assess their readiness to implement these core functions.

MY LIFE, MY DECISIONS: Supporting the EQUAL RIGHT TO DECIDE for people with Disabilities

This document provided an overview of a detailed course for community actors as created by IRIS. The course introduces concepts and strategies to assist community actors in designing and implementing community-based initiatives to support people with intellectual disabilities to have power, choice and control in their lives.

Talking about Legal Capacity: Introduction to the Conversation Guide (Part I)

This is Part 1 of a 2-part series on having a conversation on legal capacity. This series was developed by our partners at People First of Canada. This document is an introduction to legal capacity and is designed to prepare you for part 2 of the series – a conversation guide for legal capacity. It gives an overview of what legal capacity is and how it affects people with intellectual disabilities. It also outlines what the conversation guide will discuss.

Let’s Talk about Legal Capacity: A Conversation Guide (Part II)

Part 2 of a series on legal capacity. This document serves as a plain language conversation guide for people looking to start a conservation about legal capacity and better understand the right to choose. It provides background information about legal capacity is an easy to understand format and how it affect people with intellectual disabilities and their families.