Inclusion Canada leads the way in building an inclusive Canada for people with an intellectual disability and their families by strengthening families, defending rights, and transforming communities into places where everyone belongs.

Our Goals:

  • All people with an intellectual disability have their rights recognized, respected and promoted; have the supports they need to live, grow and thrive in their families and communities; and are safe from violence and abuse.
  • All people with an intellectual disability and their families have employment equality and adequate income resources to secure a good life fully included in the community, and a financially secure future.
  • All community members and sectors have the capacity to successfully include people with an intellectual disability in ways that promote full citizenship, participation and belonging.
We Work to Achieve This By:

Strengthening Families – Inclusion Canada works to strengthen families by helping families get access to the best possible options and choices available to their child or family member with an intellectual disability. Through our national network of families and caregivers, we work to strengthen families by helping them dream, by connecting families to other families who understand and have expertise, and by supporting families to navigate complicated service systems.

Defending Rights – As a national organization, we defend rights through policy work and public education. Sometimes we also intervene in legal cases, where the rights of individuals with an intellectual disability and their families are at stake.

Transforming Communities – We transform communities by motivating community leadership and encouraging key sectors to adopt inclusive practices. We work with educators, healthcare workers, cities, and more – providing the tools and information they need to become more inclusive so that everyone can participate and belong.

The 2021-2024 Strategic Plan is designed to put our commitment into action. Implemented across our five national organizations, this plan will mobilize an unparalleled effort to advance inclusion in the areas of legal capacity, inclusive education, income security, employment, support to families, safeguards in medical assistance in dying, and safe and inclusive communities. This plan also works to strengthen our national organizations’ core operations and partnerships.

Read our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan