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National Staff & Associates

Krista Carr

Executive Vice-President

Tammy Bell

Executive Assistant

Lisa Bitacola

Director of Community Engagement & Development

Judith Butler

Senior Officer, Board Relations & Senior Management Support

Frank Fagan

National Program Manager, Operations - Ready, Willing & Able

Don Gallant

Director - Ready, Willing & Able

Kurt Goddard

Director of Public & Legal Affairs

Natalia Hicks

National Coordinator, Life Worth Living

Tara Levandier

Director of Policy & Program Operations

Radha MacCulloch

National Program Manager, Policy & Resource Development - Ready, Willing & Able

Anna MacQuarrie

Director of Family Leadership

Rachel Mills

Policy Analyst & Project Coordinator

Marc Muschler

Senior Communications Officer

Gordon L. Porter

Director, Inclusive Education Canada

Charlotte Pyke

Policy Analyst

Sue Talmey

Director, Finance & Administration