May 17, 2018

Toronto, ON – Inclusion BC has issued a report titled, Stop Hurting Kids II: Restraint & Seclusion in BC Schools. Inclusion BC is calling for immediate provincial action to protect students with a disability from abuse as a result of the systemic use of restraint and seclusion in school.

"Adam suffered in many ways, mostly his confidence. Towards the end my son was telling me he hated himself. That he was stupid and a monster. His behaviours and outbursts at home got worse."

Inclusion BC’s work to curb the use of restraint and exclusion in schools addresses a critical issue for families across Canada. The report makes it clear that more needs to be done. It is not just a problem in British Columbia but is consistent with practices in schools across Canada.

“Inclusion Canada joins Inclusion BC in urging Ministers of Education in every province to act in a timely manner to protect children subject to this treatment. Children in Canada need to be safe and secure in their schools and classrooms. Teachers need to be provided with proper training and support to use appropriate strategies and approaches,” says Krista Carr, Inclusion Canada Executive Vice-President.

Nationwide, thousands of children with an intellectual disability face discrimination and segregation in schools every day. They are unable to participate in the common learning environment with their siblings and peers. Their schools and classrooms have not been structured or supported to make inclusion a reality for them.

“Parents across Canada tell us that when their children are isolated and physically restrained they are stigmatized and harmed in damaging ways. Schools and teachers need to be supported in finding better solutions. Many teachers and schools already are doing so. It is time for every school in Canada to use 21st Century approaches that respect and dignify our children,” says Gordon Porter, Inclusive Education Canada Director.

British Columbia has the opportunity to become a leader for other provinces and territories in developing comprehensive and up-to-date provincial practices that support inclusive education and ensure schools are safe places for all students.

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